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Unconstrained fundraising from many companies

Exceptionally large and ongoing corporate fundraising

Create Savings

  • Many major companies are joining INNOVO to buy and sell
  • Good Causes receive a share of their savings using INNOVO
  • Register so that companies can nominate you for ongoing donations
  • Your share of their savings will be paid to you and audited by 2 of the Big 4 Accountancy firms

Simply introduce companies...

  • Don't just wait for a company to nominate you
  • Every company that you introduce becomes your corporate donor
  • You share their savings whenever they buy or sell through INNOVO
  • Get your supporters to introduce companies

...and it makes you a hero

  • Stop having to ask for donations
  • Introduce new corporate donors and share in their savings and sales
Satisfied Buyer
  • Multiply your buying power with existing suppliers
  • Generate new savings by introducing your existing suppliers to new buyers
  • Your suppliers sell much more so you and other buyers save together
  • Works for all goods and services
  • Save and turn your suppliers into new corporate donors

Unlike any Other Fundraising Platform You’ve Seen

  • Over 10% of our income goes to Good Causes
  • Used by Bank of America, Financial Times and major accountancy firms
  • Share in savings currently averaging 15% across many categories
  • Ongoing large unconstrained new fundraising streams
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