Good Causes

Crowdsourced corporate fundraising

A global online platform generating major new fundraising streams

By creating savings which are shared with good causes

New Direction

INNOVO is unlike any other fundraising you’ve seen

  • The scale of the potential fundraising is exceptional and ongoing
  • Costs corporate donors nothing, instead is generated from their ongoing savings
  • Simply introducing a company can yield a fundraising stream

Major new fundraising streams

  • No negative effect on donors' margins
  • Companies yield savings and a donate a portion
  • Opens up value added relationships with new corporate donors
  • Works to strengthen existing donor relationships
  • Saves non-profits on their own procurement while maximizing donations
Satisfied Buyer
The Key to unlock savings

Why would this work for me?

  • Creates quantifyable value for the donor
  • Donation comes from new unrealized savings instead of line item cost
  • Introducing versus asking - no pain

NOT too good to be true...

  • Buyers with revenues of over $35 bn are already registered on INNOVO
  • Bank of America saved 25% on employee training
  • The accounting firm MacIntyre Hudson saved 22% on their electricity
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