INNOVO for Good

INNOVO is a revolutionary new sharing platform for organisations to buy and sell which opens up exceptionally large new income streams for Good Causes (charities, non-profits and social impact projects). You can see here exactly how INNOVO works.

Introduce a commercial organisation to INNOVO – they save and your Good Cause can receive a share of all of their savings when they use to INNOVO to buy or sell.

Using INNOVO for Fundraising

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Once you have registered on INNOVO, there are numerous ways that you can use INNOVO to generate substantial new ongoing fundraising income streams:

  • Introduce organisations who buy and sell to INNOVO
  • As the Introducer of a Buyer or a Supplier, you can nominate a share of their savings for your Good Cause. This includes private and public sector organisations.

  • Supporters
  • Encourage your supporters to introduce all of the organisations that they know and to nominate your Good Cause.

  • Newsletters and PR
  • Use your newsletters to encourage your supporters and donors to introduce the organisations that they know to INNOVO.

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  • Use INNOVO for your own Procurement
  • Besides saving on your own spend, invite existing and potential Suppliers to register on INNOVO. You share in their savings when they use INNOVO to buy or sell.

  • Social Media
  • You and your supporters can use social media to encourage organisations to join INNOVO nominating your Good Cause as the Introducer.

  • Your Website
  • Put a link to INNOVO on your website encouraging organisations to join and nominate you as the Introducer.

  • Non-Profit as an Accredited Partner Status
  • Non-profits are automatically conferred Accredited Partner status and this offers them additional income streams. Becoming an Accredited Partner is free and offers marketing benefits with INNOVO, such as joint landing pages, for example:

Join INNOVO where Buyers and Suppliers co-operate to create and share savings – and make a difference.

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